Employee Performance Management

Vesper is an online employee performance management system that allows you to manage your employees' performance objectives and monitor the strengths and weaknesses of your staff all year round.

Ditch your current, old-fashioned system and have all your employees' performance objectives in one simple, modern, easy-to-use web application.

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Objectives List

Each employee has their own account

With their own user name and password, each of your employees can log into the Vesper system at any time to add a new objective or to keep track of ongoing targets.


The manager retains control

The manager can add, edit, reject, monitor, score and provide feedback for every objective assigned to each member of their team.

Clear communication between employees and managers

Both the user and their manager has access to each objective at any time, and an audit trail logs any edits made, comments added or star ratings awarded, keeping the lines of communication open all year round, not just at the employee’s annual review.